San Francisco Solar Power

  • Ingleside Terraces 94127, 1.61 kW installed April, 2009. Output 31,014 kWh in 13 years = 1,482 kWh/kWp/year.
  • Exploratorium 94111, installed 2012. Output 1,429 kWh/kWp/year. See further details below.
  • Synergy School 94110,    30 kW installed January, 2013.     Output 363 MWh in 9 years  =  1,348 kWh/kWp/year.
  • Sunset Reservoir 94112, 5 megawatts installed September, 2010. Output 64,216 MWh in 10.33 years = 1,243 kWh/kWp/year.

  • The Exploratorium solar installation, zip 94111, is reported to produce 2 million kWh per year (2018). The size of the system is reported as a 1.3 megawatt (AC) Sunpower solar power system in 2012, and as 1.4 MW in 2018. Using the 2018 figures, (2,000/1,400) = 1.429 kWh/kWp/year. This is not as high as the 1,482 kWh/kWp/year average for a southwest San Francisco solar installation.
    As San Francisco district 6 (the Exploratorium, zip code 9411) is reported to have almost 10% more insolation than San Francisco District 7 (southwest S.F., zip code 94127), this finding is somewhat surprising. However, the solar panels on the southwest San Francisco installation are more favorably inclined at a tilt of 23 degrees, while the solar panels on the Exploratorium lie flat, which leads to a 12% decrease in kWh produced per year, according to PVWatts
  • Lick Wilmerding High School 94112. Current output data not found.
  • Moscone Center 94103, 687 kW. Current output data not found.
  • Urban High School 94117. Current output data not found.
  • Please email information regarding output from these installations to me
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