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Marble plaque at the base of the Ingleside Terraces Sundial, with the dedication date October 10, 1913, a Friday, the same day as the "meeting of the waters" in the Panama Canal.  The wearing away of the marble plaque has been abetted by generations of kids climbing the Sundial.

One of the few remaining records of  URICO (the Urban Realty Improvement Company, the original Ingleside Terraces developers in the 1910's), next to the "IX" in the Sundial.

Sign found in the basement of a house on Victoria Street. Leonard and Holt succeeded URICO in 1922.

An ITHA membership certificate from the 1980's.
The house pictured on the certificate is not an actual Ingleside Terraces' house.

IT homes built per year

Penrose tiles
Penrose Tiles stained glass in a house on Victoria Street in Ingleside Terraces. These Penrose Tiles have two shapes, fat and thin diamonds. Physicist and Nobel Prize winner Roger Penrose demonstrated in 1974 that they are aperiodic, meaning that they cover an entire area without creating a pattern that repeats itself. Right click for a smaller image.
faux tile
1913 faux tile in a bathroom, created by etching grooves in the wet plaster.
faux tile
Faux tile in bathroom updated a century later with new paint and paint pens.

Groove in driveway on Victoria St., which was replaced after 100 years. The 7 inch (180 mm) groove is not wide enough for modern tires. Model T tires were 3" and 3.5" wide.

Ingleside Terraces AQI
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IT flood map

More than 40 houses in Ingleside Terraces are in the San Francisco 100 Year Flood Risk Map. The blue line across the center is an historic stream.
Holloway Avenue east of Ashton Avenue has half a dozen blocks with Rain Gardens and permeable paving in the curb lane.

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