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Craftsman Homes
Damaged benches and columns
Diego Rivera Pan American Unity Mural
Diego Rivera "The Making of a Fresco Showing the Building of a City"
San Francisco Landmark #294
Earthquake: Stereo photos of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
The Electrical Home
El Rey Theatre San Francisco Landmark #274
Email group
Farragut School
Faux tile
Gap store
Hillclimbs: Mt. Davidson Manor, Merced Heights
History of Ingleside Terraces
Ingleside Terraces AQI
Ingleside Terraces Homes Then-and-Now Photos
Ingleside Terraces Maps
Ingleside Terraces Street Names
Ingleside Terraces 100 Year Flood Map
Ingleside Track & Clubhouse
Legion Court
Joseph Leonard  Joseph and George Leonard
The Joseph Leonard/Cecil Poole house San Francisco Landmark #213
Maps: Ingleside Terraces 1912 with location of homes
Maps: current Ingleside Terraces map showing boundaries, directions,
and location of the Sundial, Ingleside Racetrack and Urbano drive
Neighborhood Playgrounds
Newspaper Archives, 1913
Paintings of Ingleside Terraces
Polo Field Cycle Track length
San Francisco Golf and Country Club

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Solar Power:
    Ingleside Terraces Solar Power
    San Francisco Solar Power
    Solar Map of San Francisco
    Forest Hills and Knolls Stairways Maps
    Golden Gate Heights Stairways Maps
    Muni Metro stairways and escalators
    Bayes' Theorem spreadsheet
   1911 Encyclopædia Britannica article about sun dials
   1911 Scientific American article about an accurate Sun-dial
   Article in the Compendium, March, 2023, the Journal of the North American Sundial Society,
about the Ingleside Terraces Sundial Equation of Time with Two Minute Intervals

   Article in the Ingleside Light, 4/26/23, about the Ingleside Terraces Sundial
    Equation of time
    Extreme sundials
    Geographic north
    How to convert from sundial time to clock time
    How to tell time with the Sundial
    Ingleside Terraces Sundial
    IT Sundial history
    IT Sundial landmark application
    IT Sundial marble plaque
    Parkmerced winter solstice sunset
    Point of Infinity sculpture
    Stonehenge winter solstice sunset
    Sundial accuracy
    Sundial Bridge accuracy
    Sundial factoids
    Sundial plaques
    Sundial slides
    Sundial tables
    There's something new under the sun dial
    UC Berkeley Sundial
    Vertical sundial
    Winter solstice
Urbano Drive length
West Coast Photos

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