Ingleside Terraces 1913
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Ingleside Terraces Homes Archives, San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle July 19, 1913August 30, 1913San Francisco Examiner August 16, 1913
Click or double-click for larger images (the larger files are about 1 MB in size).  The images are scans of microfilm available at the San Francisco Public Library.  San Francisco Chronicle archives from 1880-1922 are online at the San Francisco Public Library.  To access these files, you need a library card. The online images are not as good quality as the microfilm.

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Cedro Avenue
Cerritos Avenue
Clubhouse and
Ingleside Racetrack

De Soto Street
Head Street
Holloway Avenue
Ingleside Paths
Junipero Serra Boulevard
Lunado Way
Mercedes Way
Moncada Way
Ocean Avenue
Paloma Avenue
Sundial and Urbano Drive
Sundial booklet
Victoria Street

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