Sundial and Urbano Drive, 1912 <> 2015
Ingleside Terraces Homes Archives, San Francisco

Ingleside Terraces sundial, 1913
Ingleside Terraces sundial
The Sundial is located at the "S" on the map of Ingleside Terraces.  The plaque at the base gives the dedication date.
Here is an aerial view of the sundialTelling time with the sundial.

Merced Ridge in the background. Mouseover to see the sundial table on the north side of the gnomon.
Here is a view showing the gonomon and sundial table from the northeast.

The Sundial table on the gnomon was in place at least until 1929.

Fax Art

Doric Column, SW

Ionic Column, NW

Corinthian Column, NE, with the Clubhouse in the distance.
More historical Sundial photos.  Tuscan column is SE.

The "Urban Realty Impr. Co." planing mill is the former stables for the Ingleside Racetrack.

Urbano Drive is named after the Urban Realty Improvement Company.  Urbano Drive is 0.92 miles long.

Ingleside Terraces Urbano Drive

Ingleside Terraces Urbano Drive

The circa 1912 photos are from the San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco History Center.

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