Sundial plaques

The longitude of the Caroline Bay, N.Z. sundial is 171.25 degrees
and the longitude correction is 35 minutes. Read the instructions on the plaque.

Note the counter-clockwise arrangement of the Roman numerals in New Zealand.
The longitude of the Carefree, AZ sundial is -111.92 degrees and the longitude correction is 27.7 minutes.
Sundial time plus the equation of time correction (which varies throughout the year) plus the longitude correction (27.7 minutes) gives clock time in Carefree.
Markers 27.7 minutes from local solar time would only be correct for clock time four times a year.
The graph states that in mid-January and March "DIAL IS 10 MINUTES FAST".
However, Sundial time is slower than watch time at the beginning of the year.

UC Berkeley sundial
The UC Berkeley Class of 1877 Sundial, installed in 1915, is located just south of the Campanile. It includes a chart showing how many minutes need to be added to sundial time to obtain local time. On the average, an additional minute must be added to Berkeley sundial time to obtain Ingleside Terraces local time.

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